Who We Are

We’re a team of specialists with a great passion for interior design and kitchen renovation. Over the years, we have come across various Interior design and kitchen renovation projects that bestowed us with great knowledge about this industry. We treat no two projects similarly, and we take our time to make the interior design for each client completely customized for their own needs.

What We Do

Every kitchen has its own soul, reflecting the unique needs and tastes of its users. Our mission is to enhance the heart of your home by maximizing its functionality and accessibility. We approach kitchen renovation not just as a project but as an opportunity to bring a new level of ease and beauty into your daily life. We prioritize innovative solutions and thoughtful design to create a space that is natural, comfortable, modern, and tailored to your lifestyle.

Our Goals

We believe that kitchen is not a place but a feeling of comfort and accessibility established in that place. If a kitchen is not making your life easier if something breaks down every day, and if you don’t like how it looks, then you can’t really call it kitchen.

Our passion is to provide you with the kitchen that you want. We want to transform your kitchen both to be functional and look great.

What Makes Us Different

While others may focus on giving your home a superficial facelift, our approach to kitchen renovation goes deeper. We’re committed to transforming your kitchen not only in appearance but in functionality, making it feel brand-new and ensuring it works seamlessly in your daily life.

Meet the Team

Mariya Snisar

Head of Interior Design – Mariya Snisar

Mariya Snisar is the Head of Interior Design at Renowell. She is passionate about beautiful spaces and strives to give every project a personal touch. Mariya’s family has been in construction for generations, so she has been around it her entire life. She has participated in tens of interior design projects in Canada and has many success stories to tell. She breathes and feeds from construction – it is in her blood. Her motto is simple but elegant, always. She currently lives in Toronto in a house, in which the interior was designed by herself.

Sandy Jones

Interior Designer – Sandy Jones

Sandy is a creative and detail-oriented designer with more than 8 years of experience working on various commercial and residential projects, including homes, offices, restaurants, etc. She always seeks new ways to expand her knowledge. At Renowell, Sandy works closely with our clients to translate their ideas into innovative designs, with the help of the other team members. When she is not working on a project, you can find sandy volunteering at design events and workshops to stay connected with the community.

William Walker

Electrician – William Walker

As an Electrician at Renowell, William plays a vital role in ensuring that your homes are safe and up to code. He is present in many projects from the planning to the construction stage, providing valuable insight. He mostly installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems and equipment, including wiring, lighting, and appliances. William works closely with the other team members to ensure that the renovation projects are completed on time and within budget. You can find him spending time with his family and friends when he’s not working.

Let us bring beauty and functionality back to your home.
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