Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga: Creating a Luxurious Space to Relax and Unwind

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One-stop solution, including design
Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process
Material discounts for our clients
Possibility of financing
Bathroom Renovation in Mississauga

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“The staff at Renowell were so friendly when we asked them about our bathroom project. Sandy especially was super helpful. The entire installation process went smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with how our bathroom looks now.” – Sabrina

“Quick, effective, and they know what they’re talking about. Renowell took extra time to make sure every detail was exactly how we wanted it and worked with us to iron out any kinks. An absolutely fabulous experience.” – Mark

“We just wanted to thank the folks at Renowell for taking such good care of us and our 20-year-old bathroom. Now it looks like a million bucks, and we love how it looks. Would highly recommend Renowell.” – Margaret

“Our bathroom remodel went so smoothly. William at Renowell was a pleasure to work with, with attention to fine detail, and an expert when it comes to tile installation. Thanks again for a great experience!” – James

We Will Make Bathroom Renovation a Breeze

Too often a bathroom can suffer from cracked tiles, leaky pipes, and an aged look. However, it can be hard to decide what the best course of action is to take in making a change for your bathroom. A home renovation can be a daunting task to take on alone.

At Renowell, we put you at the forefront of the project, and support you through the entire process of giving your bathroom the make-over it deserves. In the initial consultation, we listen carefully to your ideas and how you want to transform your bathroom. We determine the scope, the timeline, and the estimated cost so you’re never in the dark about how your project is going to look.

We take the design process of your bathroom incredibly seriously, using our interior design experience as well as the latest trends to bring your vision to life in its best form. Do you want glossy tiles and wide, custom sinks? No problem. During the design process, we will discuss all your options to decide on the best bathroom remodel for you.

We prefer to start on your bathroom once all the materials arrive and have been inspected. Then, we inform you of the timeline, get started, and keep you included throughout the remodeling and installation process. This is also when we will address tweaks or changes if you want to see tweaks or changes happen.

After a thorough and spotless cleanup process, you can enjoy a truly renovated, luxurious-looking bathroom that will wow your guests for years to come.

We Will Make Bathroom Renovation a Breeze

Why You Need to Choose Renowell for Your Bathroom Experience

We make the impossible a reality.

One-stop solution, including design

We provide everything needed to renovate your home swiftly; layouts, design, materials, and deliveries.

Material discounts for our clients

Our clients are eligible for material discounts and promos.

Extensive catalog with ready-made solutions

Our designs are engineered to perfection. Please browse through our catalog for design inspirations or speak to our team for further assistance.

Option for a custom one-of-a-kind design package

We are in the business of building imaginations. For a unique design, our team will work with you to create a custom design package tailored to you alone.

Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process

Our team will walk you through the entire process and help bring your home desire to life. The process is simple and easy to follow.

Possibility of financing

You don’t have to worry about the list of expenses; we provide our clients with several possibilities for financing their home renovation projects.

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Our previous bathroom renovation projects

Renovate Your Bathroom in 4 Easy Steps

People renovate a bathroom for a variety of reasons, be it to address leaky pipes, or to give a 25-year-old home the facelift it needs. Whatever your reason is, we certainly have experience in addressing a variety of bathrooms and will do everything in our power to bring your vision to life.
Intake Stage

This is where we look over your request form and reach out to book a consultation. During the consultation, we ask as many important questions as possible to get a better idea of how you want your bathroom to look as a final product. This is also when we determine the scope, cost estimate, and approximate timeline of your bathroom renovation so you don’t come across any surprises later in the project.

Design stage

The design stage is where we get into the details of how your bathroom will look, such as the style you envision, colors to incorporate, and the overall feel of the bathroom. Do you want a fresh, regal, or contemporary look? Our interior design knowledge will couple with your vision and input, and we will create the best version of your bathroom. The type of materials and components to install will also be selected and decided at this stage.

If you’re looking for an easy renovation, you can choose from our pre-design packages. Or, for a unique touch, you can choose a custom package tailored to suit your needs.

Stock-Up Stage

The stock-up stage is when we order your materials and check them thoroughly when they arrive. We have strict building standards, so it’s important to us that we check over your materials and installation items to ensure they are blemish-free. Once satisfied and all materials arrive, we begin construction on your bathroom remodel.

Construction Stage

The construction stage is the final stage of your bathroom renovation, where you receive an approximate timeline from the initial take-down to the last tile set. We inform you of our progress throughout this stage and address any concerns about the renovation as they come up. After the clean-up crew makes your bathroom spotless, you enjoy luxurious living with a freshly renovated, top-class bathroom. Your vision will be brought to life before your eyes and built to last another 25 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Mississauga?

Renovating a bathroom in Mississauga costs an average of $20,000. This is for most mid-range bathrooms. Upscale or larger bathrooms can cost upwards of $60,000 for an in-depth, custom remodeling.

What is the best way to renovate a small bathroom?

The best way to renovate a small bathroom is to use non-contrasting light colors, which will help the room feel larger. If you can match the floor tile to the wall, this will also help.

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel in Mississauga?

Typically, the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel in Mississauga is the cost associated with major plumbing changes and intricate tilework. These elements can significantly impact the overall budget.

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We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have Renowell work on our bathroom. For years we debated on going ahead with some remodeling, but either couldn’t decide on a contractor or find the right price. Renowell gave us both an excellent experience and an affordable quote, and we couldn’t be happier.


Renowell, hands down, is one of the best bathroom renovators in the area. They know their stuff and can set tiles excellently. They have excellent attention to detail and cleaned up after the renovation so much that we couldn’t even tell there was a considerable reno project going on in the first place!


If you need a renovator in Mississauga, choose Renowell. They’re super friendly, and we are in absolute love with our new bathroom. It’s like walking into a 5-star hotel; it looks exactly how we wanted it. Thanks again, Renowell!

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