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One-stop solution, including design
Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process
Material discounts for our clients
Possibility of financing
Bathroom Renovation in Scarborough

Bathroom Renovation Company in Scarborough

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“We found the team at Renowell to be incredibly knowledgeable, dependable, and pleasant to talk with. We were very impressed with how the company takes care of its customers. Every concern we had was addressed, and the company stayed late hours to ensure our renovation was completed on time. I would definitely come to see these guys again!” – Karen

“I highly recommend Renowell if you have any bathroom renovation needs. They really helped us out, were friendly and polite, and everything was fairly priced. They finished our renovation on time and within budget, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the end result.” – Clark

“The quality of work I have experienced with Renowell far surpasses any contractor I have used previously. They gave me the best advice, they were knowledgeable and professional, and they ensured the job was completed on time. I really like how my new bath looks, and I couldn’t be happier!” – Jay

“The staff at Renowell has such an excellent eye for detail. During the remodeling, I could tell they respected their surroundings and didn’t leave one part of the job to chance – everything was accounted for. They also followed my budget constraints. Thank you, Renowell!” – Christine

Bathroom Renovation Like No Other

Many homeowners want to upgrade a bathroom’s old, worn tiles and increase a home’s resale value. Look no further than Renowell, your one-stop shop for all your bathroom renovation needs. Our team services the Scarborough area and has years of experience in the renovation industry. We know how to upgrade your bathroom from dull and drab to fine and luxurious in the best way possible.

You can leave everything to us. We’ll discuss floor plans and ideas with you, draw up designs, and get the necessary permits for renovating. We will also consider the materials you would prefer to use and factor in variables like how many square metres your bathroom is. We will present a reasonable quote that incorporates the scope of your project and all necessities.

We provide payment plans that are flexible and designed to suit your needs. That way, bathroom renovations are more approachable for more homeowners. After the renovation is complete, we offer a thorough and complete cleaning of the worksite. Throughout the renovation phase, we are available and ready to answer any questions and inquiries you may have. We’re not satisfied until we’ve given you the best service and remodeling possible.

Bathroom Renovation Like No Other

Why You Need To Choose Renowell For Your Bathroom Renovation

We give your bathroom the style and glamor it deserves.

One-stop solution, including design

We provide everything needed to renovate your home swiftly; layouts, design, materials, and deliveries.

Material discounts for our clients

Our clients are eligible for material discounts and promos.

Extensive catalog with ready-made solutions

Our designs are engineered to perfection. Please browse through our catalog for design inspirations or speak to our team for further assistance.

Option for a custom one-of-a-kind design package

We are in the business of building imaginations. For a unique design, our team will work with you to create a custom design package tailored to you alone.

Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process

Our team will walk you through the entire process and help bring your home desire to life. The process is simple and easy to follow.

Possibility of financing

You don’t have to worry about the list of expenses; we provide our clients with several possibilities for financing their home renovation projects.

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Our previous bathroom renovation projects

Bathroom Renovation Done Easy with Our Quick Process

There are many reasons why you might want to renovate your bathroom. Perhaps to address a cracked tile or squeaky fan, or just to give the space a better look. Whatever the reason, we have worked with all types of bathroom spaces, from small to large, and have the experience to help you make the bathroom of your dreams.
Intake Stage

After you submit your initial form, we take a look over it and reach out to book a quick consultation. This is where we get to know you and the ideas you have for your bathroom renovation. We get down to the details of what works best and figure out the scope, approximate cost, and timeline of your renovation so you’re not in the dark about any part of the project.

Design stage

This is our pride and joy of the job — the design process. Our interior designers and planners carefully look over the space available and ask you for details about how you want the space to look. We use the most recent trends and color schemes to make a bathroom worthy of praise. You have pre-design packages to choose from to make the design process easier, or we can help you build a custom design package from the ground up.

Stock-Up Stage

Once a design has been finalized, we order materials right away. They undergo a careful inspection by our team as we have high building standards. We check the materials for blemishes or defects and only begin construction when we’re satisfied with their quality. Once all materials arrive, we begin the remodeling process.

Construction Stage

The construction phase is where we stay in communication with you all throughout the remodeling. We let you know of our timeline, if there are any interruptions, and how to best handle any issues that may happen during the remodeling phase. After construction is complete, we clean the area from top to bottom so you can enjoy the finished renovation right away.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a bathroom renovation cost in Scarborough?

An average bathroom renovation costs between $12,000 and $40,000. The size of the bathroom as well as the materials used can affect how much it ends up costing.

Do you offer all the services needed to renovate a bathroom?

Yes, we do offer all the services needed to renovate a bathroom, like installing new floors, sinks, and cabinets.

What adds the most value to a bathroom?

The most value you can add to a bathroom is its shower/tub area. For example, if you have an old tub, you can upgrade it to a walk-in shower and increase the resale value of your home.

Do you assist with obtaining permits for bathroom renovations in Scarborough?

Yes, we assist with the permit process for bathroom renovations in Scarborough. Our team is knowledgeable about local regulations and will guide you through obtaining the necessary permits, ensuring your renovation complies with building codes.

Here is what other people say about us


The team at Renowell really understood me and what I wanted. I was able to enjoy seeing my 15-year-old bathroom turned into a luxury spa which I admire every day. The team at Renowell was polite and prompt, and they took the time to really figure out what I wanted and how to help me best.


We had some tile work replacement done for our bathroom, and I could not be more pleased with the result. Renowell did the renovation smoothly, they’re all very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks again, Renowell! Highly recommend!


The bathroom renovation Renowell did for us turned out so much better than I initially envisioned! Their attention to detail and expert skill is amazing. I also really like how patient the team was in answering all my questions throughout the design and remodeling phases. Absolutely top-quality customer service. I’d definitely use Renowell again!

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