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One-stop solution, including design
Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process
Material discounts for our clients
Possibility of financing
Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

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“My bathroom was an eyesore, and it needed to be renovated. I hired Renowell to remodel my bathrooms, and I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. They provided the exact services they promised and worked quickly too. I will recommend their services to anyone.” – Amelia

“Amazing job on the remodeling of all my bathrooms. They were ready to answer my questions and patiently explain things I didn’t understand. I would definitely use Renowell for any home renovation again.” – Liam

“The crew from Renowell did a fabulous job on our bathrooms. This company is very professional and ON TIME. I really appreciate how they ensured that we were all aware of everything going on” – Isla

“When my friend suggested Renowell remodel my bathroom, I was skeptical because the previous construction company was unprofessional and incompetent. The crew from Renowll proved me wrong and exceeded my expectations, to my delight! I would 100% recommend their services.” – Luc

We will Make Bathroom Renovation Easier And Do it Well

Your old bathroom may be full of potential safety hazards such as cracked or chipped tiles, molds and mildew, uneven floors, and more. A bathroom renovation is a perfect opportunity to take care of these safety hazards and install more safety options. Or maybe your bathroom isn’t designed with a good layout, and it no longer has the necessary space required to take care of your needs. A bathroom remodel can solve that problem and make it more functional by adding storage solutions, increasing square footage, and maximizing space. Is your bathroom showing signs that it needs to be renovated? Give us a call, and let us fix the problem!

We will Make Bathroom Renovation Easier And Do it Well

Why You Need To Choose Renowell For Your Bathroom Renovation

Making existing bathrooms even better

One-stop solution, including design

We provide everything needed to renovate your home swiftly; layouts, design, materials, and deliveries.

Material discounts for our clients

Our clients are eligible for material discounts and promos.

Extensive catalog with ready-made solutions

Our designs are engineered to perfection. Please browse through our catalog for design inspirations or speak to our team for further assistance.

Option for a custom one-of-a-kind design package

We are in the business of building imaginations. For a unique design, our team will work with you to create a custom design package tailored to you alone.

Thorough intake and easy-to-follow process

Our team will walk you through the entire process and help bring your home desire to life. The process is simple and easy to follow.

Possibility of financing

You don’t have to worry about the list of expenses; we provide our clients with several possibilities for financing their home renovation projects.

Due to a bathroom renovation? Reach out to us, and let’s make that happen
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Our previous bathroom renovation projects

We have a simple yet effective process to renovate your bathroom

The deterioration of your bathroom can be fixed and made good as new. The following steps show you how to get started.
Intake Stage

The first step is to request an estimate form and fill in your details. After you’ve done that, you will schedule a call with our project consultant to discuss your quote and iron out other details.

Design stage

Most people forget that the design stage is just as important as the construction phase. A well-designed plan is essential to the successful renovation of your bathroom. Through the design stage, we can assess the area that needs renovating, estimate material costs and explore every other option to ensure that the renovation process goes according to plan. The structured planning helps us fully utilize your space and work within your budget, giving you the desired bathroom. Our team of experts will guide you through the design selection process. You can even create a custom design for yourself.

Stock-Up Stage

Our goal is to renovate your bathroom without any delay that would cost you time and money. To avoid this, we take great lengths to ensure that all the materials we need to renovate your bathroom are available. Our stock-up stage eliminates any delay or disruption that may occur. We handle all your orders and deliveries, and all materials go through a quality control check to ensure that you get only the best! We assure you that your project is in good hands.

Construction Stage

The next step is the construction phase. At this stage, we have everything we need to renovate your bathroom. The previous stages were put in place to ensure your project goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our goal is to renovate your desired bathroom within the scheduled turnaround time. Our team of experts will guide you through every process, answer your questions and approach your project with optimum professionalism.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a bathroom renovation take?

This depends on the size of the bathroom. Generally, the remodeling of a small bathroom may be completed within 3-4 weeks. More extensive remodeling may take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to complete.

In what order should you remodel a bathroom?

You should remodel a bathroom in this order. Remove existing tiles, install plumbing fixtures, install flow and wall tiles, install cabinets and countertops, and install lights and accessories.

Can you get affordable bathroom and kitchen renovations for under $5000 in Toronto?

Yes, you can get affordable bathroom and kitchen renovations in Toronto for under $5000. However, this will only cover basic renovation work. For example, you could get a kitchen cabinet installation for under $5000, but it won't cover the cost of cabinet refacing. If you want a bathroom tub installed, this can be done for under $5000. However, installing a shower would exceed the cost of $5000.

Here is what other people say about us

Min and Chang
Min and Chang

We love our newly renovated bathroom so much! Every process was easy for my husband and me to follow. From the planning stage down to completion and beyond, the crew from Renowell answered our questions, were punctual, and just so easygoing. It made the whole process feel like a breeze. Thank you guys!


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the crew from Renowell on several renovations in the greater Toronto area. Their expertise, attention to detail, and ability to relate with clients are commendable. They deliver projects well before the scheduled time and within budget too. Great company!

Riker and Zoe

When we discovered black molds in the walls and corners of our basement, we called the Renowell company to look at it, and we are so glad we did! The process of remodeling my basement was smooth. We were constantly updated on progress and developments, and our questions were thoroughly answered! I love the crew's professionality and would love to work with them again.

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