How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take

Kitchen renovations are a long, intensive endeavor. On the mild end, you have to do all your home meals in another area. However, a kitchen remodel can become so hectic from intensive projects that you have to find temporary accommodations.

This can cause the weeks, and sometimes months, for a kitchen remodel to stretch on. Poor planning or unrealistic expectations can add weeks to this, making the whole ordeal unpleasant.

You may be wondering, “How long does a kitchen remodel take?” There are ways to shorten a kitchen remodel and make it easier for you and the family. This article will aim to clarify what affects the length of a kitchen remodel and ways to make it shorter so you can enjoy your renovation sooner with less strain.

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Key Takeaways

  • The electrical, plumbing, and structural work usually takes the longest during a kitchen renovation
  • To speed up a kitchen renovation, keep the original layout without structural changes

How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take

A kitchen remodel can take 6-8 weeks for small spaces and 10-12 weeks for larger spaces. This is because the square space of larger spaces means more materials and installation, which can cause timelines to stretch.

How long does a kitchen renovation take?


What Can Affect How Long a Kitchen Renovation Will Take

There are a few things that can affect how long a kitchen renovation will take, which include:

  • The square footage
  • Structural work
  • Architectural work
  • Complicated finishes

The Square Footage

The square footage can affect a kitchen remodel drastically. This also pertains to the size of the kitchen. As a good rule of thumb, the larger the kitchen, the longer it will take to complete the remodel.

The extensive kitchen renovation project with a large square footage

The extensive kitchen renovation project with a large square footage

Structural Work

Structural work means your renovation is custom and will require more time. This involves demolition and creation of walls and may include additions such as a kitchen island. If your renovation doesn’t involve structural work, you can safely skip this step and save a few weeks.

“There’s a difference between the terms ‘renovation’ and ‘remodeling.’ If you’re just putting down a fresh coat of paint, you’re renovating. If you’re aiming to rearrange the floor plan and knock down a couple of walls, you’re remodeling,” stated Kamron Sanders, a writer of Better Homes & Gardens.

Architectural Work

Architectural work, such as a floating staircase or ornate doorway, requires expert knowledge and precise execution and can add extensive time to your renovation. Architectural work can make your home feel more unique and impressive. However, they are usually complicated to execute, adding weeks or months to your kitchen renovation in Toronto and the GTA.

Complicated Finishes

Complicated finishes, like a decorated stone backsplash or inlay, are usually time-intensive projects. This is because each piece must be carefully placed by hand and requires an artisan’s touch. These can extend how long a renovation will typically take by 1-2 weeks.

Decorated backsplash for the stone kitchen countertop

Decorated backsplash for the stone kitchen countertop

An Example of a Kitchen Remodel

No kitchen remodel is the same, but for a point of reference, I’ve added a table that includes an example of a standard remodel with structural changes below.

Design Phase
Week 1Measure your kitchen space
Week 2Create a design plan with your interior designer
Week 3Get building permits
Week 4Finalize the design plan
Stock-up Phase
Week 1Order kitchen appliances
Week 2Order kitchen cabinets, countertops, fixtures, faucets, and flooring
Week 3Wait for all products to arrive and inspect them upon arrival
Week 4Create a temporary kitchen and clear out your kitchen to be remodeled
Construction Phase
Week 1Demolition
Week 2Plumbing and electrical work
Week 3Insulation install
Week 4Drywall install
Week 5Hardwood flooring install
Set cabinets
Week 6Interior trim and countertop install
Week 7Finish countertop install and appliance install
Week 8Painting
Finishing hardwood flooring
Week 9Finishing painting and hardwood floors
Week 10Professional clean-up
Final walk-through

From the table above, everything has a schedule closely following one another. As long as everything goes in order, such as having all the needed materials on hand and not finding anything like an uneven floor, the renovation can proceed smoothly.

I will point out that this remodel example does not include longer timelines, such as a lengthy design phase, which can take weeks to months to finish before construction even starts. 

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Tips on How to Do a Kitchen Remodel Faster

There are ways to make a kitchen remodel go by faster. I’ve included some tips to help steer homeowners in the right direction below:

  • Keep the original layout
  • Keep changes to a minimum
  • Opt for pre-fabricated materials
  • Stay organized

Keep the Original Layout

Keeping to the original layout when doing your home renovation can keep the aesthetic of your home and speed up a renovation. This can help a renovation move faster because no structural changes are being made, like knocking out a wall.

I recommend keeping the original layout for my clients who want to save both time and money. The less custom work there is, the more money is in their pocket that can be put towards other areas of the renovation, like fancier appliances.

“If you’re opting to keep the original layout, choose a design that enhances its character. Use materials that complement the existing architecture,” explained Jennifer Ebert, the Deputy Editor of Homes and Gardens.

Keep Changes to a Minimum

After your renovation in Mississauga is underway, keeping changes to the design plan can help ensure the renovation proceeds smoothly and quickly. Changes done late can cause delays in waiting for materials and adjustments that may add weeks to the timeline.

I always recommend sharing all ideas at the beginning of a renovation so they can be incorporated into the design. After that, it’s much more challenging to make adjustments.

Opt for Pre-Fabricated Materials

Opting for pre-fabricated materials can help ensure there’s no waiting for custom materials, which can add time to a project. Prefabricated materials include ready-to-assemble cabinets that are ready to go, and stock countertops.

Renovated kitchen with prefabricated cabinets

Renovated kitchen with prefabricated cabinets

Pro Tip: If you want custom elements in your home, keep them to centerpieces, like the kitchen island, or just the cabinets. That way, they stand out more and don’t cause as much of a time delay.

Stay Organized

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of the best ways to ensure a quick turnout when doing a kitchen remodel in Brampton is to stay organized (1). Have a clear and set budget, ensure orders for materials are set early, and make sure your renovators know the details of your remodel before demolition starts.

Pro Tip: Putting your renovation on a physical or digital calendar can help you visualize where and when everything is and how long it will take.

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My Experience with Determining How Long A Kitchen Renovation Will Take

In my kitchen remodeling experience, I first ask clients if we’re replacing or remodeling. Replacing a kitchen means keeping the same layout and upgrading all the fixtures. Remodeling means we’re knocking out walls and overhauling the layout, often incorporating new plumbing and electrical work. Replacing is typically 2-4 weeks less time than a full-out remodel. This can help me determine right away what sort of timeline I can expect regarding new kitchen renovations.

Ineffective Methods for Determining How Long a Kitchen Renovation Will Take

There are a few ineffective methods when determining a timeframe for a kitchen renovation, which are included below:

  • Not taking into account the size of the kitchen
  • Not considering the time it takes to tear down and replace walls
  • Not considering the time it takes to put up complicated finishes, like decorative stone

Not Considering the Kitchen Size

Not considering the kitchen size is one way to draw incorrect conclusions about how long your renovation will take. Every square foot requires extra hours and dedication to install flooring and cabinets, among other things. If you have a large kitchen, this means more time is needed to create a seamless and flawless renovation.

Instead of estimating lower, it is better to estimate higher for larger kitchens. If you’re renovating a larger kitchen, you should expect to add an extra 2-4 weeks to your timeline.

Not Considering Demolition Time

Demolition and altering the floor plan of your home takes time. Sometimes, homeowners don’t factor this into the timeframe, causing a difference in expectation in the turnaround for their kitchen renovation. 

To answer “How long does a kitchen renovation take?”, it’s essential to consider everything, including demolition time. Depending on how large your kitchen is and how intensive the demolition is, this part of the renovation can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

Not Considering Time-Intensive Complicated Finishes

When it comes to the timeframe for a kitchen renovation, not considering complicated finishes can affect how accurate your timeline will be. Complicated finishes, like hand-placed stonework, or custom cabinetry, can add time to your renovation, especially if you have to wait for materials to come in. 

Instead, considering all the custom work that your renovation uses can help establish a more accurate timeline. Custom work can add an extra 2-4 weeks, depending on its intensity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a kitchen remodel take so long?

A kitchen remodel takes so long because structural, electrical, and plumbing work typically needs to take place, adding weeks to the renovation timeline.

How long does a small kitchen renovation take?

A small kitchen renovation can typically take 6-8 weeks due to less space and materials being used. This can help us determine the question, “How long does a small kitchen renovation take?”


Answering “How long does a kitchen renovation take?” doesn’t have to be a complicated and headache-inducing effort. As long as you know the basics, like if you’re doing structural work or not and if you’re ordering custom fixtures, you can help build an accurate timeline for your renovation.

What are your thoughts on the length of a kitchen renovation? Let us know in the comments below!

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