Justin Bieber’s House in Canada: A Look Inside the Lakefront Mansion’s Interior Design

Justin Bieber's House in Canada

Justin Bieber’s house in Canada

Introducing Canadian pop singer Justin Beiber, who is renowned worldwide and has sold over 150 million records across the globe. He is one of the highest-paid entertainers of our time, with a net worth of $300 million. Luxury is a staple for hit-sensation Beiber, and he shows it in his homes, namely his lakefront mansion.

What makes the lakefront mansion so special, though?

We will dive deep into the heart of Justin Bieber’s house, uncover the stellar interior design secrets it holds, and impart the highlights of this mansion so you can make your own home more stylish during your next renovation.

Let’s dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • The mix of classic and modern in Justin Beiber’s home creates a rustic, eye-popping atmosphere
  • The themes of sophistication and cozy grandeur run throughout this $5 million mansion

Justin Bieber’s Canadian Lakefront Mansion

Justin Bieber's Canadian Lakefront Mansion

Justin Bieber’s Canadian lakefront mansion

In 2022, residential real estate of homes in Toronto over $4 million declined by 24%, while ultra-luxury homes over $10 million declined by 29% from the previous year (1). The year after, luxury real estate rose by 32%, with about 74 estates sold (2). With Justin Beiber’s knack for buying and selling property, he got his lakefront mansion in 2018, pre-pandemic. It is a 9,000-square-foot work of wonder, and I’ll share with you why.

Justin Bieber’s house in Puslinch uses a combination of unique and rustic elements that create a captivating atmosphere. There is a cohesive aesthetic where colors, textures, fixtures, and windows naturally blend from one room to the next, creating a unification of design.

Tour of Justin Bieber $5 million Canadian mansion


Looking more closely at this unification, it’s apparent that the integration of nature and the inclusion of large windows enhances the overall design. The natural tones and muted color palette create a sophisticated design that mixes opulence with comfort.

“Similar to the waters it overlooks, the style of Justin Beiber’s mansion holds a design that breathes tranquility into the space and creates sanctuaries within the walls,” stated Artem Kropovinsky, an interior design expert and founder of Arsight.

Before breaking down each room, I’ll share a few facts about Justin Beiber’s home.

Location of the HomePossible Compliant Renovations
Downpayment$5 million
Number of Bedrooms4
Number of Baths6
AmenitiesMovie theatre, games room, and gym.

Breaking Down Each Room of Justin Beiber’s House’s Interior Design

Justin Bieber’s house in Canada is broken down into the following main areas:

  • Kitchen, Dining, and Living Area Concepts
  • Sitting Area in the Observatory
  • Bathroom Concept
  • Bedroom Concept

This breakdown will help explain, “What does Justin Bieber’s house look like inside?”

Kitchen, Dining Area, and Living Area Concept

The living space, dining room, and kitchen within Justin Bieber's residence

The living space, dining room, and kitchen within Justin Bieber’s residence

The kitchen, dining, and living areas of Justin Bieber’s house offer viewers ample windows to take in the lakefront scenery. The Canadian forests and opulent scenery surround the property and are easily viewable from the kitchen and living areas.

What makes these areas unique is that no walls separate them. The kitchen island, dining table, and sitting area create a sense of ‘areas,’ where the flow of design passes from one to the next effortlessly.

Justin Beiber’s House’s use of sustainable materials, innovative lighting, and open-concept space create a unique design. The wooden elements near the dining area and along the vaulted ceiling also pay homage to the Canadian landscape surrounding the mansion.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen in Justin Bieber's house in Canada

The kitchen in Justin Bieber’s house in Canada

The kitchen area is as subtle as it is elegant, catching viewers’ eyes. It offers a unique combination of elements that are both sophisticated and timeless. There is a mix of classic light fixtures and cutting-edge appliances, which creates a rustic atmosphere. This is the type of atmosphere where you can sit on the island with a glass of punch and feel like you’re almost in a liminal space while still speaking to the stylist in all of us.

“The infusion of cutting-edge technology, along with classic design elements, is entirely relevant in today’s luxury market,” explained Brad Smith, the CEO and lead designer of Omni Home Ideas. 

Dining Area

The dining area is adjacent to the kitchen and features a rich wooden table under a hanging chandelier. The seats are minimalist white, again blending the rustic texture of the chandelier with modern forms like the chairs. The high wooden beams along the angled ceiling also act as an accenting factor, bringing the nature seen outside inward for a cozy atmosphere.

I like how the Dining Area is right near patio doors, which really brings the concept of ‘bring the outdoors inside’ home.

Living Area

The living area in Justin Bieber's residence in Canada

The living area in Justin Bieber’s residence in Canada

The living room showcases modern furniture over a warm wooden floor, with an angular table over a fur rug. These blends of soft and angular pieces create an inviting atmosphere where viewers get a sense of grandeur in a more approachable sense. 

I want to also draw your attention to the colors used. The rug is white, matching the walls, and the sofas are muted tones of grey to match the table. Throughout the living room areas, subtleness is emphasized to give the place an air of sophistication and approachability.

Sitting Area in the Observatory

Lounge space in the observatory at Justin Bieber's Canadian home

Lounge space in the observatory at Justin Bieber’s Canadian home

If you want a getaway from the city and a place to ease your mind, an observatory like the one in Justin Beiber’s house is the way to do it. This stellar observatory is a circular room filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow ample light to flood in. The walls are a warm white, which allows the lush scenery outside to color the room in hues of green that accent the warm rustic tones.

Bathroom Concept

A bathroom with a scenic view in Justin Bieber's mansion

A bathroom with a scenic view in Justin Bieber’s mansion

The bathroom is one of my most favorite rooms, and I’ll share why. You can see from the combination of colors and textures that an eye for design worked diligently behind the scenes for this room. I like how the focal point is the bathtub, highlighted by the ample lighting from the floor-to-ceiling window. 

The full marble rain shower is a blend of modern technology with the opulent chandelier over the tub, again mixing modern and classic for a timeless look.

Bedroom Concept

Patio doors envelop the bedroom in Justin Bieber's mansion

Patio doors envelop the bedroom in Justin Bieber’s house

The bedroom is surrounded by patio doors to the outside and bay windows around the head of the bed, enhancing the grandeur of this bedroom. The floor plan is, again, open-concept, with a half-wall crossing the foot of the bed, letting the room breathe without the use of doors. 

There is also a striking use of natural wood beams that accent the room as well as provide functionality. It brings nature indoors, further enhancing the beauty of the room and playing with interior design concepts.

Again, there is a blending of modern and classic with the chandeliers and open-concept room, unifying the room with the rest of the home.

What are the Most Prominent Interior Design Features of Justin Bieber’s Canadian Lakefront Mansion?

The most prominent features of Justin Beiber’s mansion include the following:

  • The inclusion of natural wood, the open-concept floor, and the floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Lavish bathtubs and chandeliers add visual interest, making it another focal point of the mansion.

Natural Wood

The use of natural wood in the beans angling upward along the kitchen area’s ceiling, the beans crossing the bedroom, and the warm wooden floors stretching across the mansion send tones of a country-side manor with industrial hints. The inclusion of natural wood in its full, round form also adds unique pieces that can spark conversation and add intrigue to a room. 

Open Concept Floor

The open-concept floor of Justin Beiber’s mansion strikes a pleasant balance between open and inviting to privacy. More open-concept designs are in the scene in the kitchen area, where the dining and living areas are just steps across the floor. 

The open-concept floor is a bit reigned in when you reach more private areas, like the bedroom. There are still wide entryways that don’t have doors. However, there are more walls to create a sense of peace and security.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the mansion, and especially in the observatory, invite you to wander your eyes over the scenery outside. This natural inclusion of ample light and scenic views creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere, which accentuates its location as a lakefront mansion.

Visual Interest

There is plenty of visual interest to tantalize the sense in this excellent blend of modern and rustic. The chandeliers and rustic light fixtures create a unique blend with the state-of-the-art appliances and open-concept floor, which creates a striking visual you won’t soon forget.

“Justin Beiber’s lakefront home maximizes scenic views through its large window and open spaces. There is a flow throughout the home by the use of an open-concept design, which is beneficial to those who want to move freely throughout the home while still enjoying the scenic views,” stated Yoselin Castro, an Interior Designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors.

What are the Most Prominent Themes Running Through Justin Bieber’s Mansion?

The most prominent themes running through Just Beiber’s mansion are warmth, serenity, and an emphasis on inside-to-outside.

Warmth and serenity are created with the tones of natural wood running through the home, a subtle palette, and open concepts. The addition of rustic light fixtures and chandeliers enhances this warmth, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.

The inside-to-outside concept is where nature is included as accent pieces to create a more homey and tranquil feel. This is demonstrated through the mansion’s addition of wood beams along the angled ceiling and thick wooden beams across the bedroom areas. This is also accomplished through the many expansive windows, which invite a viewer to look inside to outside and admire the scenery.

Pro Tip: If you want to create a tranquil feeling in your own home, reduce the clutter and create as much of an open space as possible. This allows there to be an unobstructed flow from one room to the next.

What Can We Learn From Justin Beiber’s Interior-Designed Home?

Canadian lakefront mansion of Justin Bieber captured from above

Canadian lakefront mansion of Justin Bieber captured from above

One of the most intriguing things to learn from Justin Beiber’s home and how you can apply it to your own home is that this mansion’s inclusion of natural elements can make it stand out.

Natural elements include expansive windows, hardwood flooring, and wood accents. Expansive windows are excellent for inviting the light in and brightening up a place. Hardwood flooring offers natural tones in a home that are also resistant to wear and tear. Wood accents can re-shape and highlight a home to create a cozy, uplifting feel.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have the ability to add wooden beams like Justin’s home has, you can try wood varnish or backsplashes to create a woody, cozy feeling.

“This mansion’s interior design also makes excellent use of space. It uses open-concept living areas, vaulted ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows. These features create a space that feels grand yet cozy,” said David Mason, an Interior Designer and Founder of Knobs.

My Experience with Uncovering the Interior Design of Justin Bieber’s Lakefront Mansion

Every home is unique when it comes to interior design, and Justin Beiber’s home is no exception. In my experience, I love the open-concept plan that really catches a person’s attention, along with the expansive and ample sets of windows. The scenery around this home is well-used, as each window offers a view into an idyllic outside. In regards to interior design, I think Justin Beiber’s home does a splendid job. The singing sensation knows how to pick a suitable, beautiful home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design a luxury interior like Justin Beiber’s Mansion?

To design a home similar to Justin Beiber’s you want to be minimal on aesthetics. Have one or two showpieces, and let the open space speak for itself.

What makes a house look luxurious like Justin Beiber’s Mansion?

To make a house appear luxurious like Justin Beiber’s is to be clever with the color palette. Use a subtle palette highlighting natural elements and letting the outdoors speak without being overpowered.

What colors make a house look expensive like Justin Beiber’s Mansion?

Colors that make a house look expensive, like Justin Beiber’s, include beige, white, and warm colors. Use a muted palette to make the features stand out.


Exploring the interior design of Justin Beiber’s mansion is a captivating experience. The singer and pop artist Justin Beiber knows how to live well, and it shows in his choice of homes. Justin Beiber’s lakefront mansion is an excellent blend of rustic and modern and invites the eyes to linger with its use of natural wood elements. It’s truly a wonderful testament to interior design.

What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber’s mansion? Share with us in the comments below!

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